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Want to Help Veterans Find Their Path?

A unique online experience where you can find and help others on the path to career bliss.

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Connect with smart people in your desired industry to learn more about how to advance your career interests

Why Become a Mentor?

Help veterans find work

Connect to military veterans looking for employment support from fellow veterans and help get more former military personnel into quality jobs.

Add to your resume

Working as a Mentor is a great way to increase your value in any company and show an employer your determination and leadership skills.

Find potential hiring candidates

Work with veterans in your company’s area as a recruiting tool and turn veteran mentees into veteran employees.

Reconnect with military friends

Use our veteran search to reach out to former military veterans you may know to reconnect with old friends you have not seen since your time in service.

Why Find a Mentor?

Connect with industry leaders

Business leaders in top fields are waiting to help guide you on the path to corporate success.

Find the right path

Talk to a mentor to gain clarity and focus on what your next career move should be.